Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10 Questions

What is the best birth control for me?

Finding the best birth control for you will depend on a few variables including your lifestyle and your future plans for pregnancy.  We work with each individual patient to help answer this question appropriately.  We have a birth control webpage full of information dedicated to help us answer this question together. 

Review the birth control method webpage.

How do I transfer my medical records?

To transfer your medical records, you need to fill out and submit a Medical Request Form found on our Patient Forms webpage. 

Click here to go directly to the form.

Am I in labor?

Signs of labor can be different for every woman and even vary from pregnancy to pregnancy.   The key to knowing labor has begun is when contractions become regular, longer, stronger and closer together.

Click here to learn more about early signs of labor.

What medications are safe in pregnancy?

There are several medications that are safe to take during pregnancy.  If you are taking a prescription drug or if you don’t see a medication on the Safe Over-the Counter Medication list, contact your healthcare provider for instructions.

Click here to view a list of safe over-the-counter medications.

Am I pregnant?

If you think you may be pregnant, we recommend you take a pregnancy test. 

You should wait to take a pregnancy test until the week after your missed period for the most accurate result. We recommend you take an over-the-counter pregnancy test at home first prior to calling our office to schedule your “New OB Visit.”

Is my insurance in-network?

We are contracted with most major insurance providers.  However, coverage differs from company to company.  In fact, coverage will also differ within the same insurance provider as there are typically multiple plan options.  To accurately answer this question, you need to contact your insurance provider and ask them for the details of your coverage for the plan under which you are enrolled.  Their phone number will likely be located on your insurance card or premium notice.

Why would I want to participate in clinical research?

By participating in clinical research studies, patients help develop promising new treatments, while at the same time, possibly reducing their own discomfort and symptoms.  Additionally, patients are typically compensated financially for their time and there is no cost for study related medication and procedures.  

Do I have a vaginal infection?

If you are experiencing vaginal irritation that includes vaginal discharge and/or unusual odor, you may have a vaginal infection. There two types of infection that are most common and the symptoms are very similar so a laboratory test is necessary to confirm the infection type and determine the proper treatment. 

Learn more about vaginal infections

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

Prices vary based on the area of the body that will be treated and the individual need.  Regardless of the treatment area, all treatment plans are priced for the recommended six treatments.  Your particular situation will be discussed during the free consultation.

Learn more on our Laser Hair Removal page

Can Rosemark do my Annual Exam?

Yes!  In fact, we provide many full-service primary care services for women of all ages including annual exams.

Learn more about Annual Exam services on our Primary Care page