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Spider Vein Treatment

Rosemark offers multiple laser treatments as well as several other aesthetic treatments under physician supervision. We use SplendorX which is the latest technology available to perform the most effective laser hair removal and to treat some vascular conditions.

The Splendor X Advantage

  • The laser can be used on ALL skin tones 
  • The square shaped technology provides more UNIFORM skin coverage 
  • The square shaped technology ELIMINATES laser overlap and hot spots 
  • It covers a larger area; along with its rapid repetition rate, it yields FASTER TREATMENTS 
  • It allows for CUSTOMIZED TREATMENTS to skin type, hair color and thickness 
  • NO WAITING PERIOD – no need to wait for sunny seasons to pass to start treatments  
  • It has an evacuator that eliminates residue and treatment areas for ADDED COMFORT

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Laser Care Consultation

How Laser Hair Removal Works

There are many factors that cause hair growth including hormones, ethnicity and genetics. Sometimes even abnormal hair growth can appear. With our technology, unwanted hair can be removed in a comfortable setting. Laser hair removal is the process of removing body hair by destroying the hair follicle with pulses of laser light.  The laser selectively destroys hair follicles all over the body.

The Process

At Rosemark, we use the SplendorX technology which is a very quick and effective laser. It is one of the most effective laser hair removal technologies available today! Once you are prepped and ready to start the treatment, the laser is gently drawn across the treatment area. The Splendor X laser actually uses a chilling tip and cool air to anesthetize the skin creating a very comfortable laser hair removal treatment. As the laser passes across the treatment area, energy and light are absorbed by the melanin in the hair to create heat which eliminates the hair and then gets to the root of the hair follicle. The treatment also delays the future hair growth eventually stopping it from continual growth.

Length of Treatment

The length of each treatment will vary from minutes to an hour or more dependent on the size of the treatment area and hair density. Several treatments will likely be necessary for better and more comprehensive results.

What to Expect

Free Consultation

To get started, a free consultation will be held and you will meet with a laser specialist to discuss a treatment plan that will be created specifically to your needs.

Schedule Initial Treatment

Through the free consultation, a treatment plan will be discussed and then an estimate will be provided so you will know what the costs will be associated with your laser hair removal treatment plan.

Initial Treatment

At your initial laser hair removal treatment session, your laser specialist will initiate your treatment plan. Most patients tolerate the procedure well, but because some areas of the body are more sensitive than others, topical anesthesia may be recommended for your comfort. A few things to note:

  • The appearance of the treated area immediately following the laser hair removal treatment will vary from patient to patient depending on the extent of the procedure and skin type.
  • Side effects, if any, are minor. If you do experience any side effects, they may include redness and swelling around the hair follicle. Redness and swelling, in fact, are the desired clinical results and such side effects actually indicate that the follicle has responded well to the treatment.
  • Most people return to normal activity right away.

Subsequent Treatments Scheduled

Once the laser hair removal treatments have begun you will start to see thinning of the hair, possible spotting, and the beginning of the “shedding” phase where the hair will begin to fall out. Some may see results faster than others due to hormones, skin types, etc. Typically 6 treatments are recommended and will be spaced out depending on patient results. After 6 treatments it is common to see anywhere from 60%-80% hair reduction. Once the treatments are finished touch ups may be required and are available to all patients.

Who Will Be Performing the Treatment?

Portrait of Cali Bodily.
Carli Bodily, Laser Specialist/ Aesthetician

How much will this cost me?

This is the most common question asked by our patients.  Unlike other types of treatments or services, however, prices for laser hair removal or vein removal will vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the treatment areas, density of the hair follicles, and the projected number of treatments that will be necessary for desired results. All costs will be discussed during your free consultation without any obligation to proceed.  When you are ready to proceed, you will know the cost and have an understanding of the procedure.

Payment Plans

Rosemark offers multiple payment plans to create an affordable treatment for our patients. Package deals are available as well as single treatments.

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Laser Care Consultation