Share Your Ultrasound

Sharing ultrasound photos is easier than ever with Rosemark! Using cloud technology, parents can send images and video clips to friends and family through email, text message and other social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Obgyn Idaho Falls Office - Sharing ultrasoundSMART PHONE SHARING

During a prenatal ultrasound procedure, the Rosemark sonographers take images and videos that are saved on specialized equipment. At the conclusion of the procedure, a secure link is send to an email address of choice to the patient. That link allows directs patients to the photos and videos that can be digitally downloaded to a smart phone, computer or other devise. Smart phone users can then email, text or post the image to their social media of choice.


Once the images have been downloaded, they can be saved on a hard drive or other storage device for safe keeping and ease of use. With digital photos, you can print as many copies as you like! Print a small photo for a scrapbook or send the file to a sign shop to print a large announcement banner.


While the Rosemark technology is very flexible for patients, it is compliant with all privacy and compliance standards. You are in control of the distribution of your photos.

Ultrasound Appointment

Receiving your baby’s first image is among the most exciting moments for newly expectant parents. With Rosemark, you will receive high-quality images, videos and reports easily and directly on your phone during the course of a routine ultrasound exam. Call today to set up your appointment.