Rosemark is “leading the way in women’s healthcare.” If the extensive experience of our providers that have been helping women for over 30 years isn’t enough, Rosemark continues to be a front runner in specialized training, board certified credentialing, and by embracing technology. All of these factors exemplify our passion and commitment to provide optimal patient care in Idaho Falls and around the region.

Many of the following specialties are unique to the area.


While all of our physicians provide treatment for pelvic floor disorders, Dr. Ty Erickson has additional training and board certification as an urogynecologist. This specialization in female pelvic health, typically in seniors, brings unparalleled expertise to the region for conditions like urinary/ fecal incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

Surgery Methods

No one likes the thought of surgery, but when we need it we can be comforted to know that all Rosemark obgyn doctors have been expertly trained in the latest surgical techniques. The needs of each patient are different, but each doctor works individually with their patients to decide if minimally invasive laparoscopic, robotic surgery using the da Vinci surgical system, or vaginal surgery would work best.

Rosemark was the first in the area and are now the most experienced practice with surgeons using the da Vinci robot. This system was uniquely designed to facilitate complex surgery using a minimally invasive approach. This remarkable technology is controlled by a surgeon from a console during the surgery. Recovery time for patients is substantially reduced with this surgical method.

doctor recording results on a clipboard.

Clinical Research

The Rosemark obstetrician and gynecology providers have extensive experience in clinical research. We have performed over 80 clinical studies over a variety of therapeutic areas.

With this background, we not only stay current with effective medications but we are also on the cutting edge as we continue to search for more safe and effective ways to prevent and treat disease.

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Unique to an obgyn clinic, Rosemark provides physician guided aesthetic services. We provide aesthetics services to help women look and feel their best. We provide laser hair removal, eye lash stimulant, and facial fillers as services within the Rosemark facilities.

These services provided by our caring and dedicated obgyn physicians and staff exemplify the high standards of Rosemark and and show how we are fulfilling our mission to “provide the best overall healthcare for women” and to “embrace new technogies.” Again, this page shows how we are leading the way in women’s healthcare.

Childbirth Options

In addition to our board-certified obstetricians, Rosemark has many other delivery options, such as midwifery services. Midwives were delivering babies long before doctors were specializing in obstetrics. Our certified nurse-midwives are exceptionally prepared and highly educated in both nursing and midwifery.

With this specialty and extensive experience in the delivery room, our certified nurse midwives provide personalized care and education, consultations on birth plans and are with the expectant mother with continuous assistance during labor and delivery. Rosemark is the only obstetrics and gynecology clinic with certified nurse midwives on staff.

Obgyn Idaho Falls - helping menopausal woman fanning herself due to hot flashes.

Menopausal Health

Rosemark strives to provide the most up-to-date treatments for menopausal symptoms including hot flashes and vaginal dryness. We offer hormonal options including prescription hormones, pellets, bioidentical hormones, and non-hormonal modalities.

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In-house Procedures

Rosemark has invested in specialized equipment and training to effectively and efficiently use it as a convenience to our patients. With the availability of our extensive in-house procedures, we are able to perform many tests and procedures safely within our facilities. Procedures performed at Rosemark save time and money for our patients.

Ultrasound Technicians

Rosemark is the area's only obgyn clinic that has in-house 3D/4D ultrasound equipment that is run by Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographers with over 30 years of experience.

Expectant parents are thrilled to experience the joy of the first glimpse of their unborn child in 3D and 4D. Additionally, our providers are able to work with the sonographers to diagnose medical conditions for patients who are suffering from discomfort or pain.