MonaLisa Touch Laser Procedure

The MonaLisa Touch laser procedure is a non-invasive laser treatment for vaginal rejuvenation. The treatment is used to relieve the symptoms of post-menopausal women or any woman who suffers from vaginal dryness also referred to vaginal atrophy (atrophic vaginitis).

Many women are calling it “life-changing”, citing relief even after the first session. The following two videos provide an overview of the procedure. In this first video, it is interesting to note that Dr. Peter Weiss is the physician who trained our team.

Immediate & Lasting Results

MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is a safe and effective non-hormonal therapy that delivers gentle laser energy into the vaginal wall. The procedure stimulates a healing response and enhances collagen and moisture levels inside and outside the vaginal canal.

MonaLisa Touch is a simple proven laser treatment for menopausal patients.  It is a treatment for gynecologic health that changes lives.  There are three 5-10 minute treatments provided at 6-week intervals.  Key benefits include:

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