Primary Care

We provide full-service primary care for women of all ages! We treat seasonal ailments, like allergies, colds and the flu.

We also provide health management services for patients that struggle with diabetes, hypertension, respiratory illnesses, thyroid disorders, PMS, urinary tract infection and more.

Preventative care is a core initiative with Rosemark to prevent cancer and heart disease. We provide complete blood work ups, mammograms and bone density measurements.

OB/Gyn Primary Care Idaho Falls Annual Exam

Annual/Wellness Exams

Annual/Wellness exams include a thorough review of any existing concerns and a general assessment of your vital signs, heart, lungs, and other physiological systems of your body.

breast cancer screening

Breast Cancer Screening

While there are many types of cancer screening we are concerned about, the two types of cancer we specifically focus on in women’s healthcare is cervical and breast cancer.

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cervical cancer screening

Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer is an important part of female health and is highly preventable with appropriate cervical cancer screenings. We provide cervical cancer screenings to identify pre-cancerous cells and provide early treatment.

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Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal Cancer Screening

Colorectal cancer can be fatal but with appropriate screening, cancer can be prevented. Individuals 50 years of age or older are encouraged to undergo colorectal cancer screening. We provide these screenings to prevent colorectal cancer.

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Mental Health

Depression and anxiety disorders are common concerns in women’s health. We review the common connections between menstruation, menopause and mental health as we provide compassionate and non-judgmental care.

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Adequate nutrition in a woman’s health is essential to the overall well-being of women. Women in each stage of life have specific nutritional needs that need to be satisfied for optimal physical health.

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Common in aging women, osteoporosis is a bone disorder that causes the bones to become brittle and susceptible to injury. We have invested in specialized equipment to test osteoporosis and then formulate a treatment plan.

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Weight Management

We provide physician-monitored weight management care through our dietitian program. With registered dietitians along with our board-certified physicians, we work together with you to develop healthy habits that lead to successful weight loss.

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No matter what your condition, Rosemark can help you with your women’s healthcare needs.