Rosemark Sponsors East Idaho Aquarium

Sponsorship funds unique aquatic animals to be brought to East Idaho

Idaho Falls, Idaho – Rosemark Women Care Specialists announced today that it will sponsor the East Idaho Aquarium project that is scheduled to open in August of 2017. The sponsorship will enable the aquarium to bring jellyfish, cuttlefish and a mimic octopus to the aquarium which is currently under construction. The three exhibits will be displayed together in the “Rosemark Cove” section of the aquarium.  Jay Seedall, the Executive Director Medical Operations for Rosemark, says, “The sponsorship is an important part of the Rosemark culture to support the community especially with an educational attraction where mothers and children will visit frequently.”

About East Idaho Aquarium

East Idaho Aquarium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the mission to provide the public the experience of aquatic life around the world, creating a fun interactive learning environment where our patrons will learn through visual displays and hands-on exhibits.

East Idaho Aquarium will house fresh and saltwater fish to bring awareness and education to the local community. They plan to have 3 touch-pools for the community to get their hands wet and touch, feed, and interact with the fish. They will have one freshwater touch pool with aquanauts in it, another pool that will be shallow with snails, crabs, starfish, and other relatable small creatures. Their stingray and shark exhibits are anticipated to be very popular.