Rosemark Recognizes its Three Nurse-Midwives

National Nurse Midwifery Week Highlights Unique Service

Idaho Falls, Idaho –  Rosemark WomenCare Specialists recognizes their three certified nurse mid-wives as part of National Nurse Midwifery Week.  Rosemark was the first obgyn clinic in East Idaho to hire certified nurse-midwives and now employees three, Susan Binegar, Natalie Taylor and Heather Duffey.

A spokesman from Rosmark said, “Rosemark is proud of the service our talented nurse-midwives provide with unique personal and intimate attention to the women of East Idaho.  These women work tirelessly along with our obgyn doctors to bring life into this world in varying circumstances.

Many people have heard of midwives but they may not know that there are levels of expertise among midwives.  The Rosemark midwives have the highest level of expertise among midwifes with provider level credentials and are referred to as certified nurse-midwives.

To become a certified nurse-midwife, it takes at least eight years of training and education.  Four years to earn a bachelor’s degree, at least one year of nursing experience and then three years to complete a nurse-midwifery program.  At the conclusion of their training, they must pass the certification and licensure testing.

While nurse-midwives specialize in childbirth, they are also accredited to provide primary care and prescribe medication.  For more information about our nurse-midwives, visit their webpage.