Rosemark Offering New Laser Hair Removal Treatment

New Laser Equipment Offers Most Effective Treatment

Idaho Falls, Idaho – Rosemark Women Care Specialists is excited to announce the availability of enhanced laser hair removal services with their upgraded laser equipment called SplendorX.  The new technology has now been installed and is available now for patient treatments.

According to a Rosemark spokesman, “This new square shaped laser technology is more effective and can be used on all skin tones without seasonal waiting periods that are necessary with older technologies.”

Rosemark provides physician supervised treatments that eliminate up to 80% of hair in about 6 treatments.  Treatments are most commonly conducted on legs, armpits, bikini line or the face of patients.  The Rosemark spokesman continues, “While most of our patients are women, men also seek out this treatment to remove hair on their back, arms, chest and legs.”

For more information about SplendorX laser hair treatments, visit their website or call 208-557-2900.