Infertility Consultations

infertility consultation

During an infertility consultation, one of the Rosemark infertility doctors will take the time to sit down with a couple and ask a few questions. The couple will be asked about their medical history.

The female will answer questions regarding her menstrual period, pelvic pain, abnormal vaginal bleeding, vaginal discharge or any history of sexually transmitted diseases.

The couple will be asked questions about sexual history, tobacco, alcohol and illegal drug use or of any birth control previously used. The infertility doctor will also ask important questions that include how often the couple has intercourse, difficulties having intercourse and if lubricants are used.

The female should expect a full physical exam and the infertility doctor may order an ultrasound and blood tests. A semen analysis may also be ordered for the male partner. The infertility doctor will schedule a follow-up appointment with the couple to review the results.