woman with questions about pregnancy.

Providers & Cheat Sheet

A list of physicians and midwives.  Also included is a Pregnancy Information Cheat Sheet which outlines ultrasound times and other helpful tips for a healthy pregnancy.

pregnant woman taking medicine.

Safe Meds for Pregnancy

A list of over-the-counter medicine that is safe to take during pregnancy.

pregnant woman who just got a vaccination.

Vaccinations for Pregnant Women

A chart showing which vaccinations you may or may not need during your pregnancy.

woman with morning sickness in first trimester of pregnancy.

Morning Sickness Guide

What causes Morning sickness? When does it end? What are some safe remedies for morning sickness?  A helpful article about morning sickness.

Pregnant woman eating healthy foods.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

Foods to eat and avoid during your pregnancy.


Hydration Therapy

How much water should you drink while pregnant? 

strong healthy woman.

Iron Rich Foods

How much iron is in Swiss chard, eggs, and beef?
Women need 10-18mg of iron a day

woman having labor pains.

Signs of Labor

What are the signs of labor in the last trimester?  Learn what to look for and what to do.

Obgyn Idaho Falls office - contact information

Contact Rosemark

Essential phone numbers, addresses and other information you can print out for easy reference.

Other Resources

Baby delivery doctors and nurse-midwives.

About Our Staff

Get to know our providers and staff.

Obgyn Idaho Falls Office - Patient Portal

Patient Portal

A convenient way to communicate with your healthcare provider

Ogbyn Idaho Falls Clinic - Online bill pay

Online Bill Pay

A simple way to pay your bill online.

Probiotic clinical study, supplements in hands

Clinical Research

Enroll in clinical studies specific to women.  Learn about clinical research studies for which you may qualify.