Body Composition Scan

Body Fat Analysis

Body composition measurement services provided by Rosemark Women Care Specialists are of the most precise and accurate available today. Women (or men) who are concerned about the makeup of their body as it relates to fat and lean mass, will love this inexpensive test.


Individuals who are working to lose weight typically use a scale to measure their weight. Advanced scales may also provide a body mass index (BMI) to determine the body mass based on the weight and height of a person. Unfortunately, these are not always accurate readings and it doesn’t identify the exact body composition. With the Lunar iDXA equipment, each area of the body is scanned and measured. A detailed report is provided to determine a precise BMI index score as well as detailed body fat and lean mass data for each section of the body. This information will help determine how changes in diet, exercise or other programs are influencing weight loss and body composition. The scan will also show how some weight gain is attributed to the increase of muscle, not fat.


Body composition scan as part of fitness.Individuals who train competitively or are serious about their fitness will also love the accurate detail of the body composition scan. Runners, triathletes and other fitness enthusiasts will find the body composition and body fat analysis a very helpful measurement tool. Going into more depth than the typical BMI index and inaccurate caliper testing, the body composition scan precisely measures targeted body regions. This information can be used to determine the effect targeted training with precise and accurate data. Comparing a scan at the beginning of a new workout regimen with one at the end will provide incredible insight into the effectiveness of the training. Learning how the body reacts to different intensity and styles of training can be very helpful in achieving specific fitness goals.


Rosemark Women Care Specialists has invested in state-of-the-art equipment to perform body composition/ body fat analysis scans. These scans are clinically referred to as dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry, DEXA, or DXA scan which uses a very small dose of ionizing radiation to measure body composition. The equipment produces pictures of the inside of the body to measure body fat, bone density, and lean mass. The measurements are provided in a detailed report to assess an individual’s body composition.


The scan only takes about ten minutes and requires minimal preparation. The scan is typically performed with a patient wearing loose comfortable clothing. Jewelry and metals like a belt buckle will need to be removed.

During the scan, the patient lies on a padded table and the imaging device that is positioned above the patient slowly passes over the body generating images on a computer monitor.
After the scan, a full color report will be provided illustrating the person’s body composition.


The body composition/ body fat analysis scan is an inexpensive method for women and men to help them determine body fat and lean mass with precise measurements. If you are involved in weight loss program or are a fitness enthusiast, you will greatly benefit from occasional body composition scans to track and measure progress. Call today at 208-552-6900 to schedule your scan!