Obgyn Idaho Falls - Patient Instructions & Handouts.

Bladder Testing

Your physician has recommended you for urodynamic testing. This is a simple, painless study that allows your physician to evaluate any problems with your bladder.

Your physician may have recommended you for this test for one of the following common problems:

  • You may leak urine.
  • Your bladder May not empty completely.
  • You may have persistent urinary infections.
  • You may have to urinate frequently or urgently.
  • Your urine stream may be intermittent or weak.

The test will take about 15-30 minutes to complete. It does not involve any sedating medication and you will not require any out-of-the-ordinary assistance getting home. Wear normal street clothes to the appointment.

The study will be performed by a trained clinician. A small tube will be placed in your bladder while another tube may be placed in your vagina or rectum. These tubes will be used to fill your bladder with a sterile solution and to measure any pressures generated in your bladder at the same time. You may be asked to report any sensations you feel during this time and to cough, bear down or stand.

The results of this test will allow your physician to decide on a treatment that is best for your specific type of problem. By doing this, your chances of a successful outcome increases.

Come with a full bladder!