Type of Study:
This is a study of the Exeltis Birth Control Pill which is allowed while breastfeeding.

Study Length:
14-Months - Potentially a 12-month extension (extension is optional).

Target Age/Sex:
18 to 45 years, Female

Participants will receive at no cost: Study medication and study related procedures. Participants may also receive a stipend for time/travel related to the study.

Link: ClinicalTrials.gov

Staus: Closed


The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of LPRI-CF113 as an oral contraceptive in females.

Potential participants must be sexually active and engage in heterosexual vaginal intercourse at least once per month with a partner who is not known to be subfertile, sterilized, or infertile, and should not routinely use any other form of contraception.

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This Study is Closed.