Community Care-West
250 S. Skyline Drive
Idaho Falls, ID 83402
(208) 525-2600

EIRMC Imaging Center
1670 John Adams Parkway
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
(208) 535-4555

Mountain View Hospital
2327 Coronado Street
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
(208) 557-2700

Teton Radiology
2001 S. Woodruff
Idaho Falls, ID 83404
(208) 524-7237

All of the above facilities are state certified with in-house board certified radiologists. Our physicians have no preference and feel it is the right of the patient to choose where she would like her healthcare services.

If you had your last mammogram at a different facility or if you want to change between one of these facilities you need to let the new facility of choice know where your last patient films are located prior to your appointment date.

If this is your very first mammogram please let the facility know that it will be a baseline mammogram when you schedule your appointment. On the day of your appointment you will need to have clean skin from the under arm area clear across the chest. Please do not apply any lotions, creams, deodorant or powders to this area.

After your mammogram you will receive a letter from the facility with your results. If there is need for a follow-up visit our office will contact you.