We give discounts when you donate.

Christmas 2020 Discounts

This year, we are excited to provide two ways we can contribute to local charities and benefit from exclusive aesthetic discounts.  Together, we can give to those in need!

Women’s Shelter Donations

Donations for women or child care that are collected will be given to a local women’s shelter.

Donation needs for women or their child include:

  • Feminine hygiene products
    • – Pads, tampons, or liners
  • Personal hygiene products
    • -Shampoo and conditioner
    • -Deodorant
  • Dental hygiene products
    • -2 packages of toothpaste
    • -6 tooth brushes
  • Women’s hair care items
    • -Hair gel
  • Package of children’s diapers (any size)
  • Package of children’s pull ups (any size)
  • Package of baby wipes

Laser Hair Removal Discount

We’ll match your donation and give you 30% off your first treatment.

Laser Hair Removal in Idaho Falls - silky smooth legs dangling


  1. All donated items must exceed a retail value of $12 to be eligible for the discount.
  2. Discount limited to one treatment area.
  3. Consultation must be scheduled before the end of the year.

Call: (208) 552-6909

Toy Drive Donations

Toy donations collected for children will be given to local charities. 

For the toy drive, the donated toy guidelines include:

  • Toys must be new
  • Toys must be unwrapped
  • Toys must be unopened
  • Toy value must exceed $20

Aesthetic Filler Discounts

Dysport – Buy 100 units and get $75 off!

Galderma –  Buy one syringe for $100 off

nice looking mature woman.


  1. May use Aspire Rewards for additional savings.
  2. All Specials may be pre-bought for use in 2021.
  3. Purchase and bring in toy before December 23, 2020

Call (208) 552-6908 or (208) 552-6920