Breast Biopsy


Removal of a lump or cyst from the breast.

Reasons for the procedure:

Signs or symptoms that may indicate breast cancer or that the results of mammography are suggestive of breast cancer. Pathologic examination of the removed tissue aids in the diagnosis.

Description of Procedure:

An incision is made over the cyst or lump to be removed, the bleeding is controlled with sutures or electrocautery and the skin is closed with sutures that are self dissolving.

Possible Complications:

Some of the possible complications are: excessive bleeding, surgical –wound infection, or an unsightly scar on the breast. In cases of a large biopsy or if the tissue removed is close to the skin, there can be some minor changes in the contour of the breast. Fluid accumulation, edema, sometimes occurs from the surgery; this usually regresses spontaneously or on occasion is drained with a needle in the office.

Post-operative instructions:

Notify your physician if you have any of the following: